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Thread: Looking for a great programmer

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    Looking for a great programmer

    yo im conceptor,animator,etc... of all snails' games
    im not programming ,but i can do all the rest
    been a few years that we are working togheter me and my gf
    she's the one programming at the moment but we could speed our game production by having one or more programmers(working from their homes)

    we got lots of "sellable" projects
    but only one to 3 "sponsorable games"
    for those i would like to produce them within the next 2 to 3 months to build a cash reserve.

    i plan to manage the next projects at once because i can easily split time between a few programmers that assemble my works
    i am an animation graduate as well as my gf wich also learned programming so the art work goes fast here

    we plan to get at least 10 000$ for each of our next sponsorable games and i plan to pay something between 1500-3000$/a game for my programmers work
    paid after we been paid(wich is usually within a few days of the finished game
    i will build projects that should take 2 to 4 weeks of work each(but simultanously with a few prog)

    thats it for now im sure i forgot millions of details so ask for them


    ps: check our games to see what we do

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    pm sending

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    sorry.. this section is PAID jobs only..no promises of pay on another day or after work in complete.. or soliciting free work allowed here..

    post a job and be ready to pay UP FRONT for it..

    it woul dalso be in your best interest to describe the project more..instead of HYPE it up.. like specifics..

    what type of programming.. and PHP or db experience needed..etc...

    the deadline and budget you want to stay with-in...etc..etc..

    but as you do not intend to pay up front for the work..

    the thread is closed.


    [thread closed]

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