Hey gang, long time no type.

I've been crazy ridiculously busy with work and haven't had time to surf the internet for 4 months, much less spend any significant time on FK.

I know this is technically not the correct forum for this post and I prolly should've posted in the Art, Animation & Illustration forum, but since this is a photo-manip I wanted to put it here where it would get the most views by kindred spirits.

I'm putting together my son's 5th birthday invite and wanted to see what you guys thought of it.

My wife is doing the inside, but she asked me to come up with an image for the front.

Anyway, crits are most welcome, and kind of the reason why I posted to begin with. His B-Day is still a month and a week out, so I have a bit of time to take suggestions and apply them.

The card will read:
"Dinosaurs are coming alive to celebrate Owen turning 5!"

Whaddya think?