SharedObject.getRemote() cool, but how?
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Thread: SharedObject.getRemote() cool, but how?

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    SharedObject.getRemote() cool, but how?

    So I was making a flash 8 project, when I decided to get myself CS3. Remaking the project in AS3 has been interesting so far... and I've come across the part in my project that uses SharedObject.getLocal() to save some information for the client.

    But I read up on the AS3 equivalent of SharedObject... which is the same, except the getRemote() method was added, along with everything that comes with it. My question: how would I go about implementing it? Do I need to have a specific URL type? (the flash documentation has "rtmp://...") Do I need to create the .uri myself, or does getRemote() do this? If I need to create it, how would I go about doing this?

    Sorry about all the questions... Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    According to the lang. ref. you can only use it with Flash media server.
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