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Thread: Could someone lend me a low poly model?

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    Could someone lend me a low poly model?


    a simple enough favour really, I'm just doing some stress tests in Papervision in order to work out if a game idea is possible. My 3D chap doesn't start on this project till next week, so was wondering if I could borrow (only for testing purposes) a low poly character off someone?

    I will happily report my tests back in case they are of use to anyone else,

    pip pip

    Christopherrror x

    p.s. I don't know normally how low is considered low for PV, but I know render was talking about a 300 triangle limit fore his characters.

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    i have been browsing this collection

    http://polycount.com/models/quake2/ there's model information at the bottom of the page (when you click a model)

    i'm sure http://www.turbosquid.com/ might have something if you don't see anything there.

    eeeehhhh http://polycount.com/models/quake2/fonz/
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    You can use the geometry from this .xml model of a robot. It is 106 vertices, 87 polygons, and scaled to around 5 units tall. The vertices are supplied in a big table, and then polygons are defined as closed cycles of indices into the vertex table (0-based). The texture coordinates probably won't tell you very much, the surfaces are only flat colored right now.

    I can't speak much for papervision specifically, but I would estimate that an entire scene in any flash 3D engine should be 1K visible polygons at most. I actually consider this model to be too high of a polygon count for my application. On the other hand, it's tough to take a monster seriously when it's just a tetrahedra with mean face painted on it.


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    some questions;
    do you want it in collada format (for papervision)?
    do you want animations?
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