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Thread: Where is kusco?

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    Where is kusco?

    Do you know what is with Kusco?
    Does he still have holidays?
    Will he continue the 3dfa-project or has he it already stopped?

    Kusco say us please, want you to work even further on it?
    Do you want to present yourselves more time to make
    available a new version or... ?
    I hope we got from you version 5!


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    My main concern is that he is alright. When you haven't heard from someone this long, it makes you wonder many possibilities.

    Has anyone heard from him or about what may have happened to him?

    Kusco has placed a great deal of time and dedication into this project and has placed it at a level above similar products.
    PW Ihms

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    Yes, it would be a pity if he stops developing 3D Flash Animator. There are still some bugs which have to be fixed :-)

    I think it is more likely that he "pauses" his project for some time to come back with a higher motivation. Or he has no free-time to work on it at the moment.

    As far as I know, he is developing 3DFA alone. Maybe it would be good for the project to make it open-source and let everyone developing it. So we aren't bound to one person.

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    Kusco is well and fine.... I Assure you. He and I are playing turn based chess on another site. He does have a life outside of moderating the forum. Be patient.

    Also note the main developer for 3dfa is Rob Stewart.

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