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Thread: Simple design; need comments pre-launch.

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    Simple design; need comments pre-launch.


    Any comments/suggestions for improvement would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time!

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    Buy an actual URL and don't use geocities because the right hand frames with Yahoo adds take away from the design. The overall design is okay but I think you need to make the bottom part of the screen end in a not so abrupt way. Possibly a fade or shadow or something will be good. On the page under Mission there is also a break in the black which looks like a mistake. On programs there is a break on the welcome sticker which looks unprofessional. Do a little clean up work, get urself a URL and you're good.

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    I only see Yahoo advertising and find it pretty annoying.
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    There is no Yahoo advertising. But ignoring that you don't have your own domain, here are my suggestions: I like what you're doing with the wood background, but there's no reason to have two different colors of wood, making the site look choppy. Also, make it smaller, I have a large screen and could barely fit the whole page onto it. Plus, there are some people that still use 800 x 600 resolution, especially visitors of a site about a preschool/nursery school.


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    Too many font colors

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    Thank you everyone for your responses. I appreciate you taking the time to look over my site. I must note, the geocities account is only temporary; I put it up for my boss to have a look at the site before we officially put it up.

    I made the width of the site smaller, so I hope this addresses the problems for those with lower resolutions. I also checked the breaks between images, as suggested by NANAND78, and believe I have them fixed now. sportzguy933, you had a great point about the two background wood colours. I will try to integrate the wood with a solid background colour instead--as seamlessly as possible. Thanks again everyone.

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    I am surprised you title this "simple design". To me it feels like there are a lot of elements fighting for attention. I think you have a lot of really good designed portions, but they are not working with each other. Also too many font styles. Good luck

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