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Thread: 3DFA as a competition prize

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    3DFA as a competition prize

    Hi Kusco,

    Would it be you i have to talk to about an original way of getting a little advertising done for 3DFA?
    I am looking to see if you would be interested in giving away a years licence for 3dfa as a first prize in a competition.
    Obviously it would need to be discussed as to how the competition can be best used to advertise 3dfa, making it worthwhile it becoming a prize.

    Maybe a large billboard somewhere in each and every competition entry stating something like:
    Competition sponsor

    If you follow my profile link it will take you to my forum intro page.
    This was quickly done using 3DFA to replace a joomla site (hard work to update with the forum alongside) i had there before. The animation is still basic, missing sound and to be considered as a place holder untill i get the time to better it.
    The forum is quite new (a couple of months or so) and has just topped its 100th member. We have over 1500 post in over 200 topics and things are starting to take off slowly.
    We have just ended our first competition and the final votes are in on the 30th of this month(im the admin so have a better idea of the results so far). And with new ideas for a second competition for the members, i though i'd try a few places to see if people would be interested in putting up prizes in exchange for a little advertising, but with a difference.

    My forum is a fan based website for myminilife.com and is the only one in existance for the moment. We are working alongside the owners and are in constant communication about new and upcoming additions to the 3D possibilities.
    You can see where they held a spolight for the 'Quest for the Golden Dragon' competition, using an animated 3DFA intro here:
    Imagine a few people all creating miniature environements but with a unique theme. Within these environments they can add music, flash, youtube vids and much more. They buy virtual 3D iso items, made by each other and using virtual cash (minibucks), which they earn through visiting, voting, creating and posting, everythings free and it has pulled the attention 1.5 million user so far.
    We will be developing an international section at the forums to try and run alongside the already international user base at myminlife, and French is started, but we have the intention of making the forum accessible for as many people as possible.

    Being a 3DFA user for many a year now, i thought why not ask here. As through personal experience i know it to be a good tool, and would make an excellent prize. Especially if you think that everyone who enters will automatically download 3dfa just to see what it is they can win. Some may even buy it before the competition ends.
    As and when people build it takes time. From a day to months. But each time they save their work it shows in the latest updates and everyone online will see and visit it, again and again for as long as the competition entry is updated.
    People use these things everywhere, heres just a few

    Please think about the idea and either PM me or email me. Or even join the forum to find out more and chat with a few people. We're all pretty friendly and will try our best to help any new MMLers get started.

    I am the M@gician here
    I am the M@gician at Myminlife
    I am the M@gician at the forum

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    With the lack of movement on the forum and lack of reaction to my request, i am actually wondering if i should be pointing people here at all.
    2 days without a word from anyone. Im not sure that i should send anyone here! let alone my friends.

    Forget it, if you can't be bothered to answer then forget i asked, i need someone i can consider as professional, not someone who preferes playing video games as mentioned in the "wheres is Kusco" thread http://board.flashkit.com/board/showthread.php?t=773383

    Patients is one thing, taking the piss is another.

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    It sounded to me that you want to ask kusco... So I haven't felt addressed by your message.

    I personally think this is a great idea! Maybe some of the guys from your forum buy 3DFA, that would be much profit for the 3DFA developers!! And this forum would be full of life!

    Be sure that I will do everything to help your friends with problems they have! If someone needs help, the users of this forum are normally very fast and helpful :-)

    I will check out your forum!


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    thanks for the reply

    Hi Leifi,
    Thanks for the reply and you are right my main message was more addressed towards Kusco, but only in so much that he is the forum mod! I really don't know if he is the person to ask because he is the 3dfa developer or knows the people/person that are/is.

    As for the whole idea, i guess its down to a public debate as much as anything else that is posted here.

    Im glad you liked the idea though, i thought it could have been a great way of getting a few sales, even if its only a hand full, it all helps. And it certainly would add a little more activity to the forum with all the noob questions.

    Not to worry though, there are others out there that would be interest i am convinced of it.

    Thanks again for the reply, its good to know there is someone out there

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