A huge THANK YOU goes out to leifi for helping me with a flash problem.

Several weeks ago I asked if 3DFA could do this... http://ffiles.com/flash/menus/xml_ca...ages_1672.html

I had the .fla but wanted to edit it by changing the background, reducing the size of the carousel and editing the size of the reflection. No small task for someone with no real flash experience other than 3DFA.

leifi offered to help and here is the result.... Did I say help? Here is what leifi did for me!

It's only a links page but it proves that there are those in this forum that are WILLING TO HELP and smile as they do.

Again, a HUGE THANK YOU to leifi for the help and I hope to return the favor to leifi or someone else in this forum as my experience grows.

Remember - ASK and you just might receive!