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Thread: FLV with skin and big play button in the center-Help!

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    FLV with skin and big play button in the center-Help!

    This is what I am working on.

    I need to put a video file on a web page with
    basic pre existing controllers in flash, and big play/pause button in the middle of the video, to control the video.(so basically two controllers for the movie)
    1. Just Big play button in the center of the video(just at the beginning of the video)
    2. pre existing controller/ seekbar from flash8 ( eg: ArcticExternalPlaySeekMute.swf)or even clear skin 3 from dreamweaver is ok, as long as it doesn't disappear whenever I move my mouse out of the video in the web page

    similar to this webpage look - http://weblogs.macromedia.com/sfegette/

    I am working with AVI file.
    I am using Flash 8 and Dreamweaver 8.

    First, I converted AVI file to FLV with existing skin controllers in flash>file>import>import Video.
    Imported AVI video and
    selected progressive download for from a web server and
    then selected ArcticExternalPlaySeekMute.swf skin.

    Then, in Dreamweaver, I imported Flash video(FLV) and added the existing dreamweaver skin"clear skin 3"(no choice other than adding the existing dreamweaver skin while inserting flash video in dreamweaver and this controller disappears while the video is playing) and designed a web page for the video in dreamweaver.

    My question is.

    1. I would like to add a big play/pause button in center of the video when its playing on the web. How do I do that? I am just a beginner, so please don't be so tough on me.

    2. I tried to follow this tutorial, for adding flash skin to dreamweaver code which is in Import>Import Video.

    In this tutorial, they show how to add customize skin in flash andthen add it to dreamweaver code , instead I added the existing flash skin name in dreamweaver code. eg:"ArcticExternalPlaySeekMute.swf"

    I changed this dream code
    <param name="FlashVars" value=" &MM_ComponentVersion=1&skinName=Clear_Skin_1&strea mName=..
    <param name="FlashVars" value=" &MM_ComponentVersion=1&skinName=ArcticExternalPlay SeekMute&streamName=..

    This is not working! I am getting the flash skin but the entire movie and the control skin is still image and nothing is working.

    I am just pulling my hair off on this. If some one can explain me crystal clear, I will truly appreciate your timely help. Hope I am not confusing too much!


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    what you will need to do is create your own SWF. I recently finished a project like this, and it isn't as simple as it first appears, so don't worry!

    you'll need to make a two-frame movieclip, the first frame will be your button, and the second frame will be the flvplayback component. the button has some code to tell the playhead to go to frame 2 when it is clicked, and you need to set some parameters up for the flvplayback component too.

    I'll upload a sample test movie for you when I get the time.

    Do you need the movie to go back to the start (ie the frame with the playbutton) when it's finished playing?

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    Adding video file to your web site with play button

    I completed my projects after so much research on my and with the help of this and other websites. Here are the steps. I was looking for this tutorial all over the internet for past few days, I am posting this, so that others who are stuck with similar issue can solve it easily.

    Steps for adding video file to your web site

    In Flash

    1. create a new flash document in a new folder.
    2. File > import> import video and import, Avi or Mov file you would like to add to your website. (eg:mymovie.avi or mymovie.mov).
    3. Select progressive
    4. You don't need to select the skin at this time -- select none
    5. In advance settings, specify the quality, dimensions and other specs and click finish button
    6. This will create a separate FLV file on the folder as "mymovie.flv". save the Fla file as well. and close this flash file.

    7. Create new flash document
    8. On the first frame, place a Play button(you can create on your own or you can go to Windows>common Libraries>buttons and select the desire button(eg: I selected FLAT GREY PLAY)
    9. After placing the button on the stage - In the timeline - frame one of button layer-add actions - stop();

    10. create a new layer in timeline and in the 2nd frame, place a flvplayback on stage(Windows>FLVplayback)
    11.Resize the flvplayback on stage according to your specifications.
    12. Select the Flvplayback on stage then go to Windows>components Inspector> parameters> Content path
    In the Content path,
    13. Select the converted FLV file(step 1 to 6 in this)(mymovie.flv)

    14. Now select the Skin you want to add to the video from the parameter window (Windows>components Inspector> parameters>skin)and then select the skin you want to use. clcik ok (I added "ArcticExternalPlaySeekMute.swf")

    15. In the timeline window on Layer 2(Flvplayback layer) - add actions-stop();

    16.save this file and publish it as .SWF "FlashMovie.swf"(preview the swf file as well).


    17. Open up a new document
    18. save the document
    19. Add the necessary layout for the webpage(like header logo, footer and etc.,)
    20. Go to Insert>Media>Flash
    21. Select the saved SWF file "FlashMovie.swf"(Step 16)
    22. Save this dreamweaver file as Mywebpage. HTML.

    1. Upload the Mywebpage.HTML file
    2. Upload the FlashMovie.SWF file
    3. Upload the Skin file, that was used in the Flash file - ArcticExternalPlaySeekMute.swf
    4. Upload the logo and other images used in the webpage.
    5. Upload the mymovie.FLV file used in the flash file.

    Hope this helps. ENJOY the video on the webpage.

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    Big play button in the center!!!

    Hey guys!
    Pleaseeee I need some help here!

    I'm trying to make a big play button in the center of my FLV file.

    I want the movie to go back to the start (the frame with the playbutton) when it's finished playing.

    How can I do that???


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    which flv component are you using?

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    Hey Dan,

    I'm using a FLVPlayback.
    I'm calling the FLV and the skin through a parameter (.txt) file.

    Here is my code:
    Hope you can help me!
    Thanks a lot!!

    import mx.video.*;
    var listenerObject:Object = new Object();

    durationText = " ";
    totalTimedur = " ";

    function strPad( str, places, pad, side )
    while ( str.length < places )
    if ( side == "left" ) str = pad + str;
    else str = str + pad;
    return str;

    listenerObject.playheadUpdate = function(eventObject:Object):Void {

    durationText = ( Math.floor( Math.round(vf.playheadTime) / 60 ) + ":" + strPad( Math.round(vf.playheadTime) % 60, 2, 0, "left" ) );
    totalTimedur = ( Math.floor( Math.round(vf.totalTime) / 60 ) + ":" + strPad( Math.round(vf.totalTime) % 60, 2, 0, "left" ) );

    vf.addEventListener("playheadUpdate", listenerObject);

    var my_lv:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
    var durString:String = "0";

    my_lv.onLoad = function(success:Boolean) {
    if (success)


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    FLV skin

    yea using these methods you can end up with amazing web presenters :-)

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