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Thread: Can this be done?

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    Question Can this be done?

    OK, I'm going to bite the bullet here because I've trawled through loads of posts and can't find anyone explaining exactly what I'm hoping can be done.

    I'll explain this as best I can,

    I have a webpage with a flash gallery element in it.

    The flash gallery element is made of 1 movie clip that scrolls through the images and another movie clip that has buttons that control which image is shown.

    When I click on one of the buttons in the control movie clip I want to load a completely different HTML page with the same movie clip embedded and it to jump to the correct point in the movie clip and show the correct image.

    Still with me? Hope so.

    In the HTML I also want standard links which load another HTML page with a flash element embedded and it to jump to a certain point within a movie clip.

    Is this doable? If so what should I be reading to explain how to do it.

    Thanks for your patience.
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    You bet! When you have the button pass the link to a new page, just pass a variable in your URL, something like http://www.xxx.com/testpage.html?loc=test1 and then, in your movie clip on the first frame, test to see if the variable loc is set and navigate to the label of that clip...

    Hope that helps and makes sense. You can also search this forum for "pass variable in URL"
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    Awesome! Thanks for even understanding my post. I'll have a look around for "pass variable in URL"

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