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Thread: Quick Button Help

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    Question Quick Button Help

    hey, i made a green rectanglular button. I added all 4 of the types (like hit, over, etc.). on the last one (Hit) i want the button to turn to red. From what I learned in my Flash Class, the Hit is what it looks like after you hit the button. When I change the color to red and test it, it still stays green, but does do the animation (smaller when click is down) and that stuff.

    ~Please help me so when you click on the green button, it turns red, and then there is another button that is text called "Reset" that when you click it the button goes back to green.

    oh yea, i need the system of this to be done without using frames, because there are going to be like 50 buttons like this, so i cant make 50+ frames thanks again.
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    your flash class lied to you..

    the HIT STATE of a button is the 'area' that your mouse needs to touch/interact with to make the button work..

    try making the 'rectangle' in the HIT STATE frame bigger or small.. and then test yoru button..you'll see then your mouse has more orless of an area to 'trigger' the button..

    to get things to STAY (like red when you click it)..you'd need to use a movieClip..and NOT a button.. buttons are designed to work in a certain way.

    this will also help with your second part.

    the last part of your post.. I dont understand.

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