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Thread: Multiple TV Monitors and Video? (off topic)

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    Multiple TV Monitors and Video? (off topic)

    Forgive me for asking a question that is not directed totally to Flash video.
    We want to run different videos off of multiple tv monitors in our building. We want different videos to be playing off of different monitors at the same time.
    Is there a software application that will allow us to do this?

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    presumably you want a single programme to control multiple displays, is that it? You're probably going to need to use dedicated hardware rather than software, depending on the application.

    For example - how large are the monitors? your average Flash video is going to look fairly cruddy (not to mention the interlacing issues it will have) on a large CRT monitor.

    I can suggest you have a look at these guys:


    who will be happy to help if you need a one-off solution.


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