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Thread: reposition movie contents...

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    so... i have the movie created (banner sized, rectangle.) but, my movie stage is like 600x500, when i only need 450x62. if i resize the movie (modify movie) it does no good due to it leaving the content outside of the new movie size. how can i grab ALL layers, with all frames, and move it to the upper left corner of the stage(0,0) so that i can resize the movie without losing the contents. if you try to move anything, it only moves the individual frame, and that does no good... thanks...


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    If I understand your question accurately, all you need to do is unlock every layer, hit the "edit multiple frames" button, and with that selected, select all. That should let you move everything.
    sorry if that isn't what you meant

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    you got it. didn't even dawn on me about the "multiple frames" button..


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