hit up Amazon... this is part of a series... it seriously shows effective type.

My problem with type is that most people are still clinging onto the DTP (desktop publishing) era rules of multiple type... and honestly don't get the fact that you should never mix and match fonts that often. Contrasts, weights, know how to use kerning, and other type stuff... there's a lot to typography that people just plain ignore.

As far as colors... color theory is another deep area. I'd just suggest start playing with Adobe's Kuler and get used to learning how to pick better palettes that either compliment with one contrast or full complimentary color palettes that are coherent and look less like you just randomly picked out colors that just "looked good together".

For type, I tend to find the theme of the image, in a broad manner and look at it if it's delicate, I want a contrast with a good sans serif font. If it's monolithic, I can compliment with a blocky letter font, or contrast with a good serif font (Kurosawa for instance ranges quite well).

Now, a lot of my type choices are just natural, I don't really even think about it. Same with color choices. Those are good habits to have under your belt as second nature.