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Thread: Use imported JPEG data?

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    I'm creating a movie that has 4 bitmaps in it. The photos are of a customers product line and have to be of good quality. I optimized them in ImageReady before I imported them into Flash. When I click on the properties of one of the images there is a check box that reads "Use imported JPEG data" however I don't have that option for the other 3 images and cannot figure out how to get it for them. The other images only have an option for "Use document default quality" or allow me to set the compression quality individually.

    I did some testing and found that this option allows for the smallest file size while not degrading the image quality. How can I get this "Use imported JPEG data" for the other 3 images? Has anyone else had this experience? I've checked through a few help files and cannot find any info about how to set this up. Is it something in ImageReady? What am I missing?


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    i really haven't had that experience with Image Ready -that's what I use as well to optimise my pics -

    Did you optimise them as jpgs ?


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    Question yes

    i had this problem before.
    i can't remember how i fixed it exactly but i think it
    might of had something to do with how i was importing.
    i remember double clicking on images in the library to get to the dialogue box. using the import tab in there i noticed that the 'use imported data' check box would not always be available depending upin how things were set prior to import. real wierd.

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