So i've been looking at the old gta 3 site for old times sake and noticed it doesn't display properly.
The address is: if you want to look at old versions for purposes.
The site dates back to 2001 although has been updated since then - but i doubt they altered the flash files (although they maybe have and maybe broke them causing this issue?)

The main part of the site now is hosted at:

The elements all appear to be there still, but don't display correctly.

For example, click on the Portland section of the flash site and go on the Radio section (top right dot). The radio previews don't display properly. There are meant to be icons and an audio player.

I have tried an old version of firefox and older versions of flash player but it doesn't seem to help.
With flash player 7 the flash won't display correctly at all and with flash player 8 it will display as it does with the modern flash player but without the previews.

When you click on the radio section, it is loading a new swf:
You can download industrial23.swf and look at it in an swf decompiler ( ). The audio file player and icons are in there and if you go to frame 30 it plays correctly. So the audio file is actually embedded inside the swf in this case.
In modern firefox / flash player, the icons appear to be above the intended display area, vertically much too high (maybe that is their default position and they are not being initialised properly).

So could anyone have a quick look or at least give some idea as to a browser / flash play combination to get the site working properly? I'm not sure what version i need to display it properly or why it isn't displaying properly.

Maybe someone with more experience with decompilers and actionscript can understand. I can't remember anything about flash development sadly.

I know it might seem trivial but it would be nice to know how to view the site correctly at least for game history preservation purposes.