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Thread: Best Advice/Suggestion to get help....

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    Exclamation Best Advice/Suggestion to get help....

    As the title states, this is a few 'suggestions' to help YOU get the best help you can out of the Flash General Help Section.

    1.) Post your Flash Version Type. (above the title for each new post)

    2.) ***IMPORTANT*** state what version of AS you are using.

    3.) BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE: If you are using FLASH CS3, but are NOT (I repeat are NOT) using AS3 code/syntax, saving your project to be Flash8 or lower compatible helps ensure you are NOT alienating those who do NOT use or have CS3 yet.. there is NO NEED TO KEEP A PROJECT IN CS3 format if there is nothing CS3/AS3 specific about it. (nothing is worse than reading through your post, trying to determine what it is needs fixing, downloading a huge file, and have it NOT open, because it is compatible with F8 or whatever)..it wastes' everyones time and can easily be avoided. this only helps you get more exposure to people who can help.

    4.) CORRECT FORUM/SECTION: if YOU ARE using AS3 in your projects, please post you comments/questions here:

    is the forum dedicated SPECIFICALLY to AS3 coding. (makes sense eh?)

    5.) PROJECT FILES/RESOURCES, try to either:
    a.) post the .fla you are using (.zipped and attached to the forum, WITH ALL NEEDED RESOURCES to make it work).. if it is too big, provide a link for us to download it.

    b.) paste the code you are using so we can see and following your process..

    ** if you DO paste code in the post.. ABSOLUTELY wrap your code in [ php ] [ /php ] (no spaces) tags.. or [ code ] [ /code ] tags..

    this helps format the code so we can better read it and see what it is your doing!..

    c.) give links or images to help visually display what you are after, or what your end goal is. (we cant read your minds)

    6.) BE PATIENT. someone will be a long to help out eventually. Multiple posts are against the rules, and can get you banned. So choose carefully where your think you thread should be placed.

    Also do NOT comment back on your own thread with insults or nagging, about how no one has replied in a few minutes or hours even..

    when viewing posts/attitude like that, "I" personally am NOT motivated to help. We all understand your projects are important, and you may be motivated at that time to work on it.. but please remember, we are all here voluntarily, and we all have lives. This place is a privilege and not a 'right' so please treat it as such.

    7.) TRY SEARCHING... it is HIGHLY doubtful that you have a such a unique question that is HAS NEVER BEEN ASKED here before. Most likely it has, or some variation of it.. please check those first for a solution to your problem.

    Hopefully these guidelines will help everyone here get the best help that can on their projects.


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