I'm doing some SMALL header slide shows for a client; they want a series of about 10 images to fade in and out in a continuous loop.

No prob with doing the tweening with AS, but unable to figure out the last step: how to get AS to loop through the array with the images, and when it reaches the end of the array to LOOP back to the beginning and start the whole thing again.

Looping through the array is easy:

var pixArray:Array = [photo_one, photo_two, photo_three, photo_four];
var pic:MovieClip;
var maxImageIndex = pixArray.length-1;
for (var i:Number = 0; i < pixArray.length; i++)

So, that gets me through the array, but it will stop when it reaches the last image.

pic = pixArray[i];

I know I need something like:

if (i > (maxImageIndex)) {i = 0}

But, I can't figure out how to combine it with the "for" loop.

Ideas? TIA for your help!