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Thread: [CS3] Flash Projector on Start Up

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    [CS3] Flash Projector on Start Up

    I made a full screen Flash Projector that reads XML for a wide screen HDTV. It's running off of a Dell PC. I would like to have this Flash Projector start automatically off of start up. What process should I do to get this done?

    Years ago on the Mac I just would put it into the Start Up Folder. However, since this is a PC and it's a Flash Projector, I'm sure there are other steps I must take.

    Thanks for your help.
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    moved to the Standalone and Application thread where it focus' on just these topics.. (and you can probably search for an get an answer)

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    You can put the projector in your startup folder (usually something like C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Start Menu\Programs). There are also some registry settings you can add that will do the same trick and not require you to put your EXE file (or a shortcut to it) in the startup folder.

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