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Thread: Windows projector fscommand bug

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    Angry Windows projector fscommand bug

    I have encountered a serious bug in Flash CS3 which occurred only after I updated the initial 9.0 release to 9.0.2

    When you publish a standalone projector for Windows (*.exe) which uses fscommand("fullscreen","true"), all button actions do not get executed anymore.

    This does not happen with the initial release of Flash CS3 which creates a Flash Player 9.0 r45 file, but after the latest update (9.0.2 and 9.0.3), the resulting Flash Player 9.0 r115 has this error.

    I am creating these projectors on a Mac, so maybe the Windows version of Flash is not affected by this.

    Can anyone confirm this and maybe has an idea of how to use the old Flash player when publishing a standalone file?


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    see this site for a description of the problem and some potential fixes.


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