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Thread: F8 // URGENT // HTML Embedd swf // OUTLOOK

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    F8 // URGENT // HTML Embedd swf // OUTLOOK


    Hi there,

    I usually take care and keep updated a small intranet at our company, as the designed was obsolete we decided to redesign, so now i intend to send a sort of teaser to everybody about the change, and i made 3 flash animations, nothing too complex but nicely designed and animated.

    However if i load this on the intranet and send a link it works of course, no loading time etc etc, but what i intend is to send it as an object inside a HTML mail, we all use the same, Outlook 2003, but i cant manage to do it.

    If i copy and paste HTML with the embedded swf it keeps on telling me theres some ActiveX problems, because of permission, or because theres and editor opened, i have adm use on my machine, so i dont get it.

    Ive changed my security etc and nothing worked, any ideas?

    It must be quite simple, but i cant see it, or is it as simple as you can not embedd a autoplay .swf html in Outlook?

    I hope i explained myself well enough as english is not my first language,

    Thnx for reading,

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    I've never had much luck with that either. You'd think that if you had your swf posted somewhere and pulled it into your html it would work, but I've had the exact same issue.

    Check out this post: http://www.flashkit.com/board/showth...=swf+AND+email

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    You can't. Leave it at that, and thank God it's not allowed. Think of the horror it could produce. If someone wants to look at the swf, post it somewhere and email the link.

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    Well, thanx for the answer, this is what i was waiting, itll have to be the old fashioned way....


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