I copied some code provided by sharethis.com. This is a piece of javascript that places a "share this" link on your website so that you can share it via email, social media sites, etc. I have a button on my flash presentation and I'd like to be able to do the same thing with it. The javascript, when used in a standard html format, launches a popup window with sharing options once you click on the button. I'd like it to work the same way with my flash content. Any suggestions? Here's the javascript from 'sharethis':

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://w.sharethis.com/widget/?tabs=web%2Cpost%2Cemail&amp;charset=utf-8&amp;services=reddit%2Cdigg%2Cfacebook%2Cmyspace% 2Cdelicious%2Cstumbleupon%2Ctechnorati%2Cgoogle_bm arks%2Cyahoo_bmarks%2Cyahoo_myweb%2Cwindows_live%2 Cpropeller%2Cfriendfeed%2Cnewsvine%2Cxanga%2Cmixx% 2Cblinklist%2Cfurl%2Cmagnolia%2Cmister_wong&amp;st yle=rotate&amp;publisher=cce32b45-b700-419f-9fcf-dc7fa12e4e50&amp;linkfg=%23000000"></script>