I am using Lee Brimlows 3D carousel tutorial, but have adapted it and added in quite a bit for it to fit my needs. The carousel that I have altered works fine. My problem is that I had created a new .swf file and added some script so that when you click on a navigation icon it loads a .swf file. I am not sure how to get the external .swf file to be loaded onto a specific level since it's being called upon via XML. That's my first question.

However, my main issue is this...
The .swf file I have asked it to load has 3 buttons that slide in. Originally I had these buttons manually animated in the timeline and all worked fine. I decided that adding easing to those buttons as they slid in would look better so I did the following.

1) created a new symbol and placed each button in it's own movie. I placed each movie on the timeline and gave them their own instance name.

2) I created 3 "targets" (one for each button movie) so I could place exactly where I wanted each button to end up at. I also gave these each their own instance name.

3) on each button (that is inside each movie) I put my onRelease code to load in additional movies on other levels using the loadMovieNum attribute.

4) I placed the following code on each of the 3 movies that contains a button: (NOTE: videoTarget = the instance name for one of my 3 targets I created - see above)

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
this._x += (_root.videoTarget._x-this._x)/15;
this._y += (_root.videoTarget._y-this._y)/15;

When I test this .swf file all works fine. HOWEVER, after I publish it and I test it with the carousel nothing happens when I click on my carousel icons. I am thinking that it has something to do with the onClipEvent (enterFrame) portion of this code since loading the .swf with no code and manually animated buttons worked fine.

Can anyone tell me what the issue is? How can I fix this? I've gone through different easing tutorials, but I thought this was the way to go. Is there a better way to have my 3 buttons ease and still be able to have it load my external .swf?

Thanks in advance for any help!