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Thread: How to do collapsible text box?

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    How to do collapsible text box?

    Well its for my messaging system! In my inbox i have rows containing subject and sender names.....and these are sent from a array! But then i want it so that when i click on a subject, the message box, containing the message body, open up beneath it, and push down the other subject rows, and on second click, the message box should collapse, and everything back to their previous state! How do i do this? in fl8 i could use the accordion component, but it is not available in cs3, besides i dont want to use a component, so any other solution?

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    You can use a mask over your message box, which extends by a tween when you want to show the box. Then you have all the other textboxes beneath in a movieclip and they tween too.
    You can try Flex, where the Accordion is available.
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