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Thread: [F8] simple linking question

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    Exclamation [F8] simple linking question

    I have a flash interface. On frame 5, there is a flash video that plays. Once the video is finished, the root flash interface jumps to frame 10. This works just fine. On frame 10, I have a load movie function that plays a simple, repeating text sequence. I have placed a button on this sequence to link back to frame 5 on the root level. The idea is that this will give people the option to re-play the video that is sitting on frame 5 of the root interface. I also asume that I need to close my loaded movie. I'm having a problem combining the gotoAndPlay and unloadMovie components after 'on(release)'. Any help would be great. I apologize for my lack of scripting savvy.

    So here's my non-working code:

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    Smile Nevermind...

    I fixed it. It works. Thanks anyway.

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