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Thread: Making Raster Vector again?

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    Making Raster Vector again?

    We have logos that have been rasterized. They look horrible. I can't find the original vector versions. My boss suggested Vector Magic. Has anyone here tried this website? Did it work for you?

    I don't know how it can work


    I am happy to say this website worked wonderfully! It made a beautiful vector image out of a rasterized one. I'm very happy with the results.
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    There are numerous options from tracing and vectoring from scratch to using Illustrators auto-vector tool (if you have Illustrator that is).

    Vector Magic is usually my choice for a vector I would like stat.

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    i'm hoping that Adobe buys the rights for Magic Vector and implements it into the next version of illustrator.

    Illustrator's auto trace kinda sucks and you get VERY mixed results. Sometimes it's just easier tracing certain images by hand than use their function.

    I have heard Corel's version is pretty good though as well. But i have yet to check it out.

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    I concur with Vector Magic, that was to be my two cents. But, I don't think anything, yet, beats just going over it with the pen/pencil tools.
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