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Thread: inDesign linking to spreadsheet

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    inDesign linking to spreadsheet

    Hi all, i think this is the right place but if the mods can move it, would be much appreciated.

    Basically i've been asked to create a nice price list for somebody who doesnt know how to use indesign, in the indesign help it says you can place a spreadsheet which will create a link.

    My understanding of this is that if a change or anything was made in excel then it would update this (content or additional rows) in inDesign.
    however when i do this, it places it but doesn't link so it doesnt update.

    does anybody know how to do this, or secondly if i am completely doing wrong what should i be doing?

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    well, i can see why this would frustrate you. I just tried doing what you did, and it's quite a pain in the arse.

    I actually just did a price list at my job with excel and indesign just last week.

    The way i did it wasn't an 'automatic' update though.

    I formatted everything in excel. With the 'view page break' , i adjusted the pages so everything would fit on an 8.5x11, then i did a print PDF. From there i used the place tool in indesign and adjusted the options for each page in the price list....so if there was 5 pages in one sheet, i would place page 1 on page 1 and so on.

    There were many changes to the excel data during my proof process, so i just re-PDF'd the sheet and it automatically updated in indesign.

    It's a bit redundant after a while. but it worked like a charm.

    hope that helps.

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    i managed to solve it, if you go to preferences there is an option to "link to excel and word documents" which seems to do it,
    now i need to figure out how to get a picture to show when it is in excel!

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