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Thread: Video optimization

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    Video optimization

    I am pretty new to Flash video and I'm having trouble making a video run smooth on slow connections.

    On the site above, I've squeezed an AVI in Sorenson to create a 44 second FLV. It is 8.6MB. Now I assume this is fairly small for a 44 second video. I imported it into the Flash movie using the progressive download. I'm really not sure the details of these options though I think progressive is best for me after reading the simple descriptions. I have the buffer set to 15 thinking that would be a good value. On my road runner at home it plays almost immediately with no stopping. However, the NGO who the site is for has very slow connections and they say it stutters and pauses a number of times.

    Might you be able to help me determine if my settings are as optimal as can be for this situation? I'd like to know if I've made errors or if there are better options. Thanks.

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    8.4 meg is massive for a 44 second video.

    what size are you encoding to? what bitrate? imho the best pixel dimensions to use are ones which match your intended display size, especially if you do not intend the video to be watched fullscreen. Bear in mind that as you reduce video display size, you can get away with lower bitrates.

    [edit] oh and if your clients have really low end systems, flash will struggle to stream video regardless of their connection speed due to processor/memory usage.


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