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Thread: Jeans can't charge rape?

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    Jeans can't charge rape?

    After nearly 10 years on the books, the Italian high court does away with the ruling that women wearing tight jeans can't charge rape.

    Italian and U.K. legal authorities have recently discarded rule interpretations based on embarrassingly anachronistic stereotypes of women. In July, Italy's Court of Cassation reversed a 1999 ruling creating a legal presumption that a woman wearing tight jeans could not be the victim of rape because such jeans would be impossible to remove without her assistance. [Daily Telegraph (London)
    I dont know why the last sentence made me laugh.....But I would say jeans are of no match with the "mind" if it has already decided to rip it off.
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    Although it isn't a funny issue the thought of that coming up in court did make me chuckle a bit. Friggin rediculous.

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    and I thought the 'spin' was going to be because wearing tight jeans (provocative clothing) was 'asking for it'.. not that it would be a bogus claim because they are too hard to get off..LOL

    funny thing is rape cases usually arent done in 'swiftness'.. and are usually done by gun or knife point...over a period of time.

    the original law & law makers sure had a very narrow mind to the 'act' of rape. wow..

    glad it got over turned.

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