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Thread: [CS3] [AS2.0] help loading image via XML in flash - need a little help please!

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    [CS3] [AS2.0] help loading image via XML in flash - need a little help please!

    I have an image gallery that loads in my content via XML. The gallery itself works fine and loads in my thumbs, large images, and text. What I am having some trouble figuring out is this.

    I have a second thumbnail image that I want to load into a MC that sits to the left of my XML text that is loaded in. This thumbnail will be an entirely different image than the one the gallery is displaying. I have been able to get the MC to load and duplicate itself as each of the gallery thumbnails are clicked on. However, I can't seem to get the images in my XML file to actually load this second thumbnail into the PSphoto_mc.

    I have attached the file and am hoping that someone can take a look at it and let me know what else I need to change.

    The name of the image attribute that is the second thumbnail is called "PSphoto"

    The name of the MC that I want the PSphoto image attribute to load into is called "PSphoto_mc"

    My XML is setup like this:

    <large>large image1</large>
    <PSphoto>2nd thumbnail1</PSphoto>
    <large>large image2</large>
    <PSphoto>2nd thumbnail2</PSphoto>
    <large>large image3</large>
    <PSphoto>2nd thumbnail3</PSphoto>

    Thanks in advance for the assistance!
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