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Thread: Need action script help (rotate & resize)

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    I have a button on the maintime line that you press and an MC attaches itself to the mouse pointer. Some of this code has been borrowed from open source.

    here is the code on the button that you press to get the mouse cursor MC

    on (release) {
    tellTarget ("/resize_obj") {
    gotoAndStop (2);
    nextFrame ();

    Within the MC that attaches itself to the cursor is a button. when you press it (and hold the mouse down)...it is supposed to allow you to scale and rotate another MC on the main timeline, and when you release the mouse the scale and rotation stops.

    resize_obj is a container MC that holds the MC/button that gets attached to the cursor.
    here is the code...

    on (press, dragOver) {
    startDrag ("/a", true);
    tellTarget ("/a") {
    play ();
    on (release, releaseOutside) {
    tellTarget ("/a") {
    stop ();
    tellTarget ("resize_tool") {
    gotoAndStop (1);

    'a' is an MC which contains the scale and rotation script and is called when you do the mouse down.

    When I hold the mouse down to do the rotation I get this error message.

    Target not found: Target="/a" Base="_level0.resize_obj"

    not sure what this means....

    I can email the fla to you if you can help, so you can see the structure.

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    i`m new in using flash... but i am serching for this button you say so you can rotate and scale an object... can you give me more information??


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