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    3DFA hobby scripter LewxX's Avatar
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    Unhappy :(

    Is everyone gone?
    sorry for my bad school English
    btw. visit my Page: projects.lewxx.de
    or lewxx.de (<= German)

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    Dec 2006
    I visit here few times per week but flash is just one intrest of many.. so now I'll just wait a next 3dfa version to be able to do proper papervision demos.. atm. loading a model is pain.. so I'll just wait

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    I really come here often to see the new changes and what people have to say.
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    PW Ihms

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    I actually come here once or twice a week, usually reading and not making any comments.

    I feel that with the economy in a slow down and people focusing on trying to keep their jobs, much of the user groups and software is on the back burner. There also seemed to be more excitement When Kusco was on providing goals of what the next version would have with it. That made me want to come on more often.

    I still use the product quite often, twice or more a week, professionally. Though 3DFA, is a GREAT program, it doesn't appear as if it is an "up to date and current" program (though we all know that, under the hood, it blows all of the others out of the water and is VERY up to date). One thing that, I feel, could really help to get the program moving, is to redesign the shell of the program. It would still be the same program, but it would have all the slick appeal that Adobe Flash, Swish, and Koolmoves provides. I believe that is the majority of what it would take. Something that would give appeal that this is the most current software to do the job.

    The web site looks great but, it doesn't flow with the current designs. If people are new to the product and don't know much about it, impressions make all the difference.

    If 3DFA people were to do these things and remarket it through places like CNET as the newest and slickest redesign, I believe more people will take notice and jump at the chance to buy it.

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    PW Ihms

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    an old user

    I'm an old 3dfa user.
    I'm still using a lot 4.5 & 4.6 versions for xml font-end applications.
    Latest versions are not enough for me. They can do a lot but that lot in my opinion is not consistent because there are a lot of bugs.
    I found some bugs. I sent files to 3dfa but bugs are note solved yet.
    In mine opinion, the most dangerous is you continue improving editor without solve old problems.
    I have tried to do an xml front-end in last version but have found several bugs (I did spend much more time to do workarounds then to do the application) then i reported to 3dfa but they are not solved yet and have to look for other solution for future.
    Now Im learning AS3 to functionalities (i compile with Flex Shell compiler) and Im using flex3 style explorer & controls explorer to do layouts.
    I'm trying to do with this, because I did not get with 3dfa.
    It's the best way? I do not know, but at least Im trying to do something.

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    Wagoner OK
    ...ditto all of the the above


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    Nov 2007
    I finally get Adobe Flash CS3, but some times in month come here just to read.
    And I still waiting for new releases of 3DFA.

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