Hello, I am working on a streaming media website, (we eventually plan to implement the Flash Streaming Media Server for streaming and VOD delivery).

Currently, we are using progressive FLV download for the beta site.

I had a look at Hulu.com, and they allow users to pop out the video into a new window. I am pretty clear on how to do this with javascript. The part I don't get is how they are doing it without interrupting the netstream.

But I do have a few ideas. So before I try to work through this, I just wanted to put this out there and see if I can get any advice.

Is it possible to pause the netstream in the embedded player, store the ns.time as a variable, and pass that variable to the external player through javascript somehow (telling it to resume play from that time?)

If anyone knows off the top of their head whether this will or will not work, or if you have any other possible ways of doing this, I'd appreciate any input.