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Thread: [F8] Realisic Car Game

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    Question [F8] Realisic Car Game

    Could someone please help me out with a uncommon code?
    Atleast I think it's uncommon...
    Anyways to the main point, I was wanting a code as I was making a sprite set for my game. I have praticily everything except the follow codes.
    • Realistic Car movement
    • Crash on to collisions

    For the car movement, What I think is realistic is. When you press up/accelerate the car will have a real aceleration which starts slow and moves faster gradualy but a certain speed that can be modified Also when you stop pressing up/accelerate, The car will soon slow down eventualy.

    For the crash effect. Is it possible to get a code that when a movie clip hitTest with the wall/colliso, the car will bounce off the wall I've tried to get the code somewhere but I didn't work realisticly.

    Thanks so much in advance!!

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    I'm guessing you're somehow using velocity variables?
    If so, set them both opposite of what they were (ex: vx = -vx)
    and the car will rebound backwards at exactly the same speed. Sometimes this gives a problem where the car stays in the wall after the collision and vibrates around... so first take back your last movement by subtracting
    car._x -= vx
    car._y -= vy
    and then change the velocities to negative.

    You could also thinking about adding some spin, or changing the directions by a little bit (use math.random() to make the car not travel backwards at exactly the same angle as it came in at) to make it seem more realistic.
    Good luck
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    RE: [F8] Realisic Car Game

    No clue man - sorry.

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