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Thread: Unpredictable behavior with .flv in graphic symbol

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    Unpredictable behavior with .flv in graphic symbol

    I'm sure I'm not going about this the right way, and there perhaps is a simpler solution, but right now I've not yet stumbled across one through either google/yahoo searches nor trial and error.

    My basic issue is this - I embed an .flv into a graphic clip, so I can then control via the timeline, the section of video I want to play.

    When I then export this to AVI, it works fine, and shows that section just fine (and without sound, which is what's desired. )

    However when I then export the movie to .swf - it both plays the sound, and additionally plays from the beginning of the clip, rather than the frame I specified in the properties of the graphic symbol.

    I was hoping not to have to start diving into code to control the clips, as I plan to splice together several.

    Would it be advisable to just edit the clips beforehand , prior to importing into flash, or is there some extra variable I am missing?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions offered.
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    I think you're going down the wrong route by embedding video into a symbol...but that's just an opinion that I've had beaten into me! I think from a performance/sanity point of view you may want to edit this video to exactly what you want before taking it into flash. import it and play using either netstream or the FLV component.

    Using netstream is as simple as writing and understanding approximately no more than 10 lines of code (with the option to have a very fine control at a later stage of course), and if you're still put off by that then the flvplayback component can be managed via the component inspector without writing a line of code.

    additionally this component supports SMIL files which are essentially xml files which detail playlist information and tracklisting/play order etc.

    as long as you're running F8+ i think this information should all be relevant.


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