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Thread: [F8][Help] Detect current URL

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    [F8][Help] Detect current URL


    what is the way to detect in flash the current url it is playing from?
    (not the path of the swf, but the url of the current page)

    for example, i want to be able to do this:
    trace("the page is " + currentPage);

    the result should be: the page is http://www.mysite.com/currentpage.html

    I know it can be done by using something like this:

    But I don't know how to make it work.


    P.S. I only need for simple urls (with no query strings).
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    I don't need the answer anymore I've found another way to do what I wanted to do -- Without knowing the url of the page.

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    its always helpful to post back your solutions..that way it may benefit others in the future .. cheers
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    well in my footer is a link on how to do it two different ways..

    using .swf object and one using javaScript.

    but Im glad you figured it out.

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