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Thread: Simple horizontal image scroller - Instant PayPal payment

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    Simple horizontal image scroller - Instant PayPal payment


    I need a simple Flash image scroller that is easy to update preferably without editing the actual flash file.

    Ideally all I'd need to do to add/change an image (and its associated link) is edit a text file?

    The following things are not compulsory but would be preffered:

    - Hovering over the scroller stops it.
    - Moving the cursor to one side changes scrolling direction.
    - Hovering over a particular image brings up a small caption

    I can pay via PayPal if your price is around my budget mark.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    www.rajkataria.com rajkataria17's Avatar
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    PM sent.

    Please reply asap.

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    anyone else hear that? flashpipe1's Avatar
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    Upstate NY

    Are you all set with this project?
    Love like you've never been hurt, live like there's no tomorrow and dance like nobody's watching.

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    No not yet! Had a lot of offers via PM but nothing decided yet, waiting for responses.

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    new to these forums, was directed here by a friend at another forum where I helped people out.

    Anyways, I noticed this hasn't been tagged as resolved and was just throwing in my offer. I can supply a basic class that you could either feed an XML or list of Bitmap's too and it will generate a slider gallery that with dispatch events when a thumb is clicked telling you which thumb was clicked. I can also allow for the ability to register a movieclip that you design as a DisplayObject that appears when you mouse over a thumb with respect to each one. If you want I can allow the XML to dynamically set any text in "container".

    Whichever, let me know if the job is still available. Depending on what it is exactly you want my prices are very flexible. And I could have it done in no time flat.

    A little about me:
    Starting programming in C++ with DirectX and C# with XNA for 3D game design. I came to Actionscript 3.0 to slap together games quickly and share them freely with multiple users. Since starting AS3 I have worked on my own 3D engine and AI system for games (not yet finished) and was even hired on by a company in LA. I left the job though as LA was not a city I enjoyed living in.

    I am not an artist and instead go to my friend Adny for any of my own art. I can perform basic design tasks when it comes to art (buttons, etc) but would not advise anyone asking me to make them custom elaborate characters or anything.

    I have no experience with AS1 or AS2 save for some work on translating old code to the newer AS3 code.
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    Hey have a look at my horizontal image scroller from the following link.

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    I could do it for you. For examples of my design style, check out www.gradinafrica.com. Email me at gradinafrica.com or use the contact form on my website to tell me if you'd like my help.
    Proficient in CSS, Javascript, HTML, PHP, Flash, Java, and OpenGL
    Learning ASP

    Feel free to get in touch at gradinafrica@yahoo.com.

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    This has been bumped from May 2008 guys - I think this one is probably out if date by now.

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