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Thread: With AS1 / AS2 Always be supported???

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    Lightbulb With AS1 / AS2 Always be supported???

    Hi All,

    Just noticed that we are now at Flash Player 10.

    And are now on Flash CS4.

    My question is...

    Will all the great content, the games, the videos, the content made in good old flash 5 -- or written using AS1 or AS2 --- Will the next gen flash players always support these old swf files?

    Most the cool flash games on the net are still as1/2 -- so will in the future all these be lost.

    Will Flash CS5/CS6... Still let you do some quick scripting, or will we all be forced to learn OOP!

    The future of flash looks away from the quick dirty bedroom coding that i used to love.

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    Adobe say that keeping backwards compatibility with old Flash versions is important to them. So you can still play Flash 1 videos in Flash 10 player.

    I think they have made some changes recently to do with security that affects some older files that would need to be changed -- this won't affect many people.

    With CS4 you must use AS3 for the new IK and 3D tools since in the background they're running in AS3 -- so you can't do the new stuff in AS2.

    Having said that, you can still do all the stuff you used to do, and if they keep true to their word then even with Flash Player 20 you should still be able to play Flash Player 5 games!

    Btw, you can still do timeline code with AS3 like AS2, and you don't have to do OOP either, these are misconceptions. A lot of people are going that direction because when you're working on bigger projects, or in a team then OOP makes sense. It's also good practice if in the future you see yourself doing code more seriously.

    You could also argue that AS2 is OOP too, and that it's bad practice to do timeline coding in much the same way.

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