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Thread: How can I setup to get notification when customer open video?

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    How can I setup to get notification when customer open video?

    I want to create notification system for business. I send video to customer and I want to get noticication immediately when customer opened video. How can I setup this??

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    I'm not sure, but I think the security features of Flash would prevent a simple remote communication system triggered by a swf.

    I think your best bet is to use flashvars - trigger a unique alphanumeric code generation script within your swf, send it to the html/backend of whereever you're hosting the video, grab the ip for whoever opens the video and add both items together in a string. then have your backend send the string in an email to you together with the date and time of access.

    None of this has anything to do with Flash video unfortunately, and it certainly is not my area of expertise! perhaps it would make more sense to break the problem down and target each part at the correct forum...

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    Kinda depends what you mean by "send a video to a client", whether you mean emailing him the flv or sending him a link to view the movie on your / thier server.. Either way, you'd be best of using a php mailer script and just send vars to a remote php file on your server that would send you an email...

    The only prob is that if the video is on a domain outside of where you'de like to host the php script, you'll have to create a shell loader swf so that you were accessing the code from the same domain (which is kind of another subject all-together)...

    All doable though, i have a similar system i use but i use it for when they have completed watching the video vs when they first open it (as they tend to be 2 very different things.

    Probably no help, but you never know...


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    How can I put php script. I purchased the host and I make flash video and upload to host, so I think I can put php mailer script to website.

    Please explain how to do step by step or send me weblink to explain more.
    I deeply want to setup email notification when client opened the video.
    Thank you!!!

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