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Thread: Components Inside a Movie Clip

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    Components Inside a Movie Clip

    Hi, hopefully these questions will get answered soon, as this will need to be finished quickly.

    So basically, I found when I was using flash that when I drag a checkBox component into the stage, within a movieclip, that the size of the checkBox was very skewed, and what I resized it to wasn't what appeared upon testing. This is weird in itself, and I was wondering if anybody could offer any insight into why this happened and how I could fix it.

    The second thing is that now when I export my movie, if you hover the mouse over the checkBox, it moves up slightly, about one pixel, and when you take the mouse off it stays in that position. When you are trying to make something look professional, that is horrible. I found that at some points, this was happening to the entire movie clip itself (it moved up a pixel upon the mouse hovering over), but now it has stopped. Does anybody know why this happens and how to fix it?

    Thanks for your time.

    Edit - I am using Flash CS3, with AS3
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