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Thread: Control movie by mouse

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    Control movie by mouse

    Dear Friends,

    Have a look the above image. When I will click on Circle A it will change the size and position to Circle B. Again when I will click on Circle B it should go to the same origin size Circle A. How I can make this animation by using flash, action script


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    Hello and welcome

    If they both change size to the other, then wouldn't this only work once? You click circle A and it goes to the size of circle B. Fine. But if you now click circle B nothing would happen because it would already be the same size as circle A.

    if circle A had an instance name of cA and circle B had an instance name of cB the code would look like:

    PHP Code:
    cA.onRelease = function(){
    this._width cB._width;
    this._height cB._height;

    cB.onRelease = function(){
    this._width cA._width;
    this._height cA._height;

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    Many thanks. Now Let me try.

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    guys, i m sorry i did not get it clearly ....let me explain what i exactly want.

    I want to make an animation on USA Map. When I will click on any state it should zoom in and when I will do 2nd click it should go back to the same position. Animaiton I can do but controll by the click is main problem for me. You can have a look on the site where I am working now. Somehow I managed one animation on that and its not correct. My clients are not happy with that. here i go with link


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