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Thread: How do I simulate this effect in flash?

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    How do I simulate this effect in flash?


    I want to recreate this effect in flash but am unsure of how it is done. I figure I make a few buttons and the image a movie clip, but I don't really know the scripting to have it move to certain points of the image for each button.

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    Well, I am afraid I don't have the time to go into every detail, but Im gonna give you a few pointers.

    Yes, you'd basically have the buttons, and a movie clip which contains everything else. The movie clip would be larger than the stage, and each section except the current one would not be visible because it would be in the work area instead of the stage. Its then a matter of setting the _x and y values and accelaration depending on which section must be displayed.

    For more fluid and generally better animation you could use the Tween class instead.

    Tell me if you need more specific help.

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