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Thread: open new player/exe from exsisting player

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    open new player/exe from exsisting player

    Hey guys

    I have finally finished my graphic design portfolio in Flash and are now ready to save everything to CD for distribution. I have saved the Flash file to an exe (portfolio.exe), and when I open it up everything works fine. Now, my question is this....

    I want to add larger images of certain works so people can view them in detail rather than only having the smaller images on the portfolio to go by. Is there a way to make the images open in a new player? I had ideas along these lines:

    - Create a seperate exe movie for each image that I wanted to be able to be viewed larger/at better resolution.
    - From in the original portfolio movie, for each applicable image have a button that opens the bigger version in a new player/window (calls the .exe files)
    - So on the CD there would be portfolio.exe, image1.exe, image2.exe etc

    Is this a possibility, or is there an easier way to do this? Sorry if I arent wording things correctly, as Im self taught on Flash.

    Any help would be appreciated

    EDIT: Problem resolved. Used this script on the button in the portfolio to open up the new image in a new player

    on (release) {
    fscommand ("exec", "paradox1.exe");

    I guess another question is, can u get images to load into the same player?
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