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Thread: Problem rendering html hyperlinks from xml file, in Flash

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    Problem rendering html hyperlinks from xml file, in Flash


    I'm struggling with an xml problem. Within my Flash movie (CS3), I have two dynamic text boxes (one titled 'title' and the other titled 'description'). The text and images are calling into Flash without a problem, but in the 'description' text box, I need to render hyperlinks as part of the xml text (the 'title' text box does not need to render as html - there are no hyperllinks). I'm doing this using CDATA tags, but although I've selected 'Render as html' for the text box titled 'description' in Flash, I'm not getting the hyperlinks (I'm actually seeing the tags being displayed in the Flash movie).

    Here's an example of my xml;

    <title>Heading positioned here</title>
    <description><![CDATA[Body text positioned here.<a href="http://www.url-here.com">Click here</a> to view the products that make up this display.]]></description>
    I'm fairly sure that the xml data is correct (though please feel free to tell me if it isn't!), which means that the missing link is in Flash, but I just can't crack it.

    I'd be really grateful for any help.

    Many thanks.

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