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Thread: Loading a SWF file into PHP via XML!

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    Loading a SWF file into PHP via XML!

    Hey there, I have a PHP file, an SWF and an XML which contains all the information to go into the PHP.

    The XML is as follows:

    <poll title="Who do you think should win Pop Icons 2009?">
    		<tally>0</tally>		<image>www.clipart.com/test1.jpg</image>
    		<tally>0</tally>		<image>www.clipart.com/test2.jpg</image>
    So far the PHP code has been working correctly to display a different name and image in each cell in a table. However, when I've tried to insert the code for flash I get nothing now! Here is what I have so far, can anybody see what could be wrong with just the flash part to make the whole thing stop working? Here is the PHP code I have including the non-working flash part on the last few lines..

    PHP Code:
            for ($i 0$i 4$i++) {
    "<input type=\"radio\" name=\"vote\" value=\"" $polls->poll[$pid]->answers->answer[$i]->name "\" />" $polls->poll[$pid]->answers->answer[$i]->name.    
    '<br/><img src="' $polls->poll[$pid]->answers->answer[$i]->image '">'
    '<br/><object width="100" height="30">'
                                '<br/><param name="movie" value="' 
    $polls->poll[$pid]->answers->answer[$i]->flash '">'
                                 '<br/><embed src="' 
    $polls->poll[$pid]->answers->answer[$i]->flash '">'
    I think I'm nearly there and it's just a simple mistake but I can't work it out!
    Thanks a lot

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    Could you attached the files so I could test?

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