I seem to be having a problem with Flash player 10 displaying graphics. What is happening is the image is pixelating no matter what I do. Here is the what I am doing. I open a new clean FLA and place the loader component on the stage at X = 50 and Y = 50 and resize it to 520 x 420 which will be the same size as the graphic JPG that will be dynmaticlly loaded at run time. The graphic has been created in Photoshop and saved as a 520 x 420 JPG at 9 quality and the standard baseline. The image is very clear with no pixelation.

When I run the the FLA in the flash development system there is no pixelation at all. When I run the SWF from an HTML which was created from the Flash development system it is pixelated.

Please help! Is there scripting code to make the flash player 10 as act as if it were player 9? I don't get the pixelation in player 9.