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Thread: Need help of the XML Gods!

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    Need help of the XML Gods!

    I have this xml file that runs a flash .swf It works great but instead of opening the links in the same browser it opens them in another browser window. I have to target the html rather than the swf files I tried adding the "self Target code in the first link and it still doesn't work correctly. Any help? XML code id below

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
    <Flash Name="Dinner Menus">
    <Item Name="Antipasti, Insalate, e Vegetali " Link="dinnermenu1.html" TARGET="_self"/>
    <Item Name="Paste asciutte e Risotti" Link="http://www.flashden.net"/>
    <Item Name="Secondi " Link="http://www.flashden.net"/>

    <Audio Name="V.P. Take Out">
    <Item Name="Music" Link="http://www.flashden.net"/>
    <Item Name="Sound" Link="http://www.flashden.net"/>
    <Video Name="Party Menus">
    <Item Name="Party Menu I" Link="partymenu1.html"/>
    <Item Name="Party Menu II" Link="partymenu2.html"/>
    <Item Name="Party Menu III" Link="partymenu3.html"/>
    <Fonts Name="Wine List">
    <Item Name="Sans-Serif" Link="http://www.flashden.net"/>
    <Item Name="Serif" Link="http://www.flashden.net"/>


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    do it in the flash portion..

    where you use the getURL() command..add it to the second parameter..

    not in the XML file..


    PHP Code:
    someButton.onPress = function(){

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