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Thread: [as3] [pre-Beta] Could use some Feedback on my RTS

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    Cow Icon [as3] [pre-Beta] Could use some Feedback on my RTS

    Hey all,

    I have been working on an RTS in actionscript 3. I have a basic demo of my progress so far, and I would like to see what you all think! Graphics are basically non-existent, but pathfinding and basic collision is there. Let me know what frames per second you get too, I'm curious to see how well it works on various systems.

    demo is here: http://geocities.com/brixican24/

    * Collision detection is very primitive, units just move 180 degrees away from whatever they collided with (obvious drawbacks)
    * Hold the z button while clicking to issue commands
    * the small red and pink dots that appear is the path the unit is following, for testing purposes.

    Let me know what you think, don't hold back

    Does anyone know of a better host to use for flash? Geocities wants to limit my traffic to 5mb / hour..

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    Looks like a good start, but it's so early that it's hard to say anything about it. It's pretty simple so it's not lagging, if you want to test the speed maybe you should try a larger environment.

    -Spacebar + clicking should scroll the map.
    -How come I can't click an enemy to attack him? Why do I have to hold Z to move my units?

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    z was just a random button i chose for now. I plan on making it programmable by the user. I wanted to use the ctrl button, but i could not get that to work without having to press a 3rd key.

    This demo is nowhere near complete, the state machines for the units only got started last night, so all they do is move on command, and target nearby enemies when idle.

    Spacebar click to scroll seems like a pretty good idea, I'll give it a shot. Thanks for all your input

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    now rip some graphics from red alert 1 and replace your dots with them.

    maybe make it iso like this:


    some suggestions:
    - on the Wii its almost standard by having a bounding box just like you have but with a falloff. Meaning that once you enter the inner bounding box scrolling starts with a start speed A (e.g 2 pixels per frame)- the more the mouse however hovers towards the screen edge the faster it scrolls towards speed B.

    - perhaps use the double click for actions, single click and drag would be selecting units- double click assiging a action to that location e.g move to that spot. It would eleminiate the weired control you have now.

    - as Son of Bryce noted, space bar just like photoshop would be nice to have as a instant darg modifier key. as soon as you hold it you can scroll in absolute mode over the map (1 pixel on screen or within a boundingbox represents a % space on the world map)

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    hehe, I remember that.

    Still got an RTS in the back of my mind.

    I would do something along the lines of:

    MOUSE_UP : move selected units to mouse position if no new units were selected and no selection rectangle was made.
    MOUSE_DOWN : start selection rectangle, select single unit.
    MIDDLE_CLICK : clear selection
    RIGHT_CLICK : Bring up selection options (move here, attack here, clear selection)

    apart from the controls, the collision feels a bit jerky, seemed as if things were running into walls.

    have a look here, http://www.gamasutra.com/features/19...ovement_01.htm, its mainly theory but might give you some ideas.
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