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Thread: Windows Projector - how to hide SWFs and FV4

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    Question Windows Projector - how to hide SWFs and FV4 - CS4/Flash 10


    I am VERY new to Flash and AS3...I started last Friday with the Adobe Flash CS4 Professional Digital Classroom book and amazingly I've completely developed a movie to use on an enhanced music CD. Included in the movie is a progressively downloaded HD music video as a fv4 (as opposed to embedding it as a flv, since it's too big and was out of sync when I tried it). I used one of the flvplayback component skins for it as well.

    Time to publish as Windows projector (exe)...I did it, and it generated the exe, but when I tried to play the video, that particular frame was empty.

    Second try -- I published Flash swf and Windows projector exe...the exe was generated OK, and this time the video played without a problem. But it also published 2 SWFs -- one named with the same name as the movie, and one named after the flvplayback component skin -- and the file for the video, described as "MPEG-4 Video for Flash Player".

    Main question: How do I get around those 3 files being exposed to users on an enhanced music CD? I plan to use autorun.ini to launch the exe, but for those more 'adventurous' users I want to prevent them from:

    1) distributing the music video outside of the exe; and,
    2) launching the individuals swfs on their own locally installed Flash players.

    After researching this forum more, I see there are some software solutions, but they seem to only go up to CS3 and Flash Player 9 -- any compatible with CS4 & Flash Player 10?

    Thanks in advance,
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