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Thread: custom flv skins in flash cs4

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    custom flv skins in flash cs4

    Does any one know where to find the sample flv skins to modify or how to create original skins.

    I know that I have customized the playback controls for flv in the past. In Flash 8 you could simply open up an existing skin and edit it. I can't seem to find the sample flv skins in CS4 I have tried to find the Configuration/SkinFLA folder with no luck.

    Is there a site which offers cool skins to download? I was only able to find one in my search, There are only a few choices from adobe and I would like them to match my interface better.

    Thanks for any help.

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    On Windows Vista, I found them here:

    <program files directory>/Adobe/Adobe Flash CS4/Common/Configuration/FLVPlayback Skins/FLA

    But it's a nightmare trying to customize them! Just so you know

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    Since the skin really has nothing to do with the display of the video, you could just use your imagination and create anything you want for the skin. Dream up your skin in PhotoShop or directly in Flash. Here's an extreme example:
    or one that looks a little more like a regular player:
    Player works, nav bar still in testing. But the idea is, use your imagination! Create your own!
    Best wishes,
    Eye for Video

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